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For quality solar installers

SolarPlus is a complete solar design software platform built to win you more happy customers, save you time, and maximise your profits.

Quoting solar + storage has never been easier

Take the guesswork out of solar + storage modeling

Streamline your compliance workflow


introducing SolarPlus V4

For Solar Dealers:

Solar Panel Design, Install & Compliance Solution

SolarPlus is not your average Solar Design Software. We offer a complete solution powering solar success stories.
It is the hub of solar and battery sales and operations, plus more features no other design software can offer.

SolarPlus covers everything from an intuitive CRM, fast sales flow, complete solar & battery design, automated compliance as well as powerful energy & financial simulations.

It is the hub of solar + battery sales and operations, plus more features

SolarPlus V4: Essential for Solar Businesses

Most of our current customers switched to SolarPlus from solar quoting tools with limited functionality like Pylon, OpenSolar and PVSell.

We hear that other tools simply don't meet the needs of solar businesses:

  • Compliance is complicated
  • Sales processes are clunky
  • Battery design and quoting is not included or it's an add on with an extra cost
  • Integration capabilities are limited or non existent making it a headache to manage contacts and prospects.
SolarPlus V4 builds on our already established platform. With V4 we target all of the frustrations above. SolarPlus V4 is an ultra efficient platform whereby quoting, sales and compliance are now done with ease. This means you can say goodbye to compliance and admin stress and focus on winning more solar and battery sales.
SolarPlus V4: Essential for Solar Businesses

SolarPlus V4 is your one-stop platform for:


Solar CRM Efficiency

All customer management in one place. Sync leads directly from your website form or integrate with other services and manage all of your prospective customers in the SolarPlus platform.

Fast Sales Workflow

Fast Sales Workflow

Professional proposals to win more sales. Create your solar quotes in minutes with complete solar + storage system templates, fully priced… just one place for all your solar sales workflow and tracking.

Compliance Automation

Compliance Made Easy

Compliant solar system design, quick install & system manual. Reduce the compliance load – SolarPlus aids in standard-compliant PV design and generation of handover documentation.

Energy & Financial Simulation

Powerful Energy & Financial Simulation

SolarPlus V4 brings you the future of energy modelling… the only way to see complete generation, demands and grid interaction.

Plus we've added heaps of brand new features in SolarPlus V4.
Here's just a few...

More Efficient Dashboard Metrics

More Efficient Dashboard Metrics

  • A great way to keep track of your pipeline
  • Customise your dashboard
  • Sync your calendar events
  • View weekly sales charts.
New Energy Workflow

New Energy Workflow

  • Custom tariff creation
  • Upload consumption profile or select from existing profiles
  • Visualize and build your own full year energy profile.
Powerful Map Designer

Powerful Map Designer

  • Solar panel design with cost-saving mapping options
  • Easy to use Map Array Dropper
  • Drone upload 3-point scaling
  • Map fast sizing
  • Auto Map Array rendering.
Inventory Pricebook and Import Support

And a lot more where that came from...

  • Fully customisable email templates
  • Detailed user preferences
  • Inventory pricebook and import support
  • New V4 reporting dashboard
  • Autogenerated SWMS
  • STC Integration

Book a demo with our team to see more.

How SolarPlus helps you focus on winning more solar + battery sales


Your Compliance Powerhouse

Your Compliance Powerhouse

SolarPlus comes pre-equipped with loads of compliance features designed to save time and stress

  • ASR-ready Terms and Conditions and proposal templates
  • Design compliance checks for Standards and CEC guidelines
  • Auto-generated connection diagram
  • AS/NZS 5139 ready handover documentation

SolarPlus lets you focus on the install process.

Stand Apart with High Yield Performance Results

Stand Apart with High Yield Performance Results

Selling quality panels can be a hard slog.

But, if you want to demonstrate the full yield and benefit, look no further.

  • The highest resolution modelling and energy assessment
  • Bifacial gain modelling and many yield factor controls
  • Full upgrade modelling and savings assessment
  • Full battery storage charge-discharge modelling including backup.
Slick, professional proposals

Slick, professional proposals

Your customers deserve the complete picture, and it's easy.

  • Stunning out-of-the-box proposals for residential, commercial and battery storage quotes
  • High resolution panel layout imagery
  • Full commercial demand and cashflow analysis
  • Full library of component brochures

Winning proposals, most of the time!


Instant Online Approval and Payment

Make your quote acceptance as frictionless as possible for your customers.

Instant customer online sign-off.

Our Stripe payments means deposits and invoice payments go directly into your account and sync to Xero… no fuss.


The hub of your essential business platforms

SolarPlus has integrations features ready for you to build your empire.

Connect to Simpro, any CRM or marketing platform, any one of over 1500 Zapier apps.

Keep your systems aligned with the single source-of-truth, SolarPlus.

What our customers are saying


"A very easy tool to use. Customers like the simple layout with all information that is accurate and easy to understand."

"The most comprehensive quoting platform available anywhere."

"SolarPlus is simply the best tool available to aid installers in achieving CER compliance!"

solarplus v4

Ready to grow your business? The sky's the limit... Think Big!

You can scramble and struggle… or you can focus on winning better sales, and team up with SolarPlus to manage compliance.

Contact us today for a demo of all the new SolarPlus V4 features to see how we compare.


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